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Red Butterfly
Message:Hello! I met Talia at the Florida State Fair where we talked at length & she kindly gave me a caterpillar/butterfly to bring home. She gave me explicit, strict instructions, one of which was to name my butterfly. We are currently in the pupa stage & have been for about four days now. I'm anxiously awaiting my butterfly to emerge, which has already been named, Talia! Thank you so much for the awesome work you do to educate and propagate the species. I explained to "Dad" at the fair that my own father raises bees here in San Antonio, Florida, so I've got a strong understanding of this process. I really just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your display, your awesome daughter (an incredible teacher), and the lovely gift of my caterpillar/butterfly! I have been spreading the word about all you do. Keep up the great work!